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Well, what a week! Not only one, but two performances for our adoring public. In fact, the reason this missive is a tad late is because a) I simply had to have a lie down after such a demanding schedule and b) my hand has been aching from all of the autographs I have had to sign. I really do sympathise with the likes of Adele and Daniel Craig ( particularly the latter, of course).

Performance number one was at Foreman’s Garage on the occasion of the Hutton Cranswick Christmas Fair. Apparently, following this stupendous event, Clive at The White Horse has booked us every Saturday evening for the foreseeable future from about 11pm onwards. Seems we are able to do the impossible and something his bar staff find incredibly difficult. No idea what he can mean……

Our second stupendous success occurred on the village green at Cranswick on the occasion of the turning on of the Christmas lights. It seems nearly half the village turned out to see us and roar their acclaim as we sang and caroled our way through a bitingly cold evening to huge applause. Oh, and a few Cubs and Scouts happened to turn up along with a couple of Johns from Great Driffield Radio - how lucky were they? Then it was back to Chez Nous! Fiona went to bed at 2am and I followed on at 4am!!!!! Mulled wine, beer, wine, pizzas and hotdogs followed by a impromptu concert with two local stars - to say it was a good night is an understatement......not that I can remember much!!

So, having regaled the local community of Hutton and Cranswick, we now move on to our next victims, sorry, audience as we entertain and mesmerise the good folk of Leconfield on Sunday, December 19th at St Catherine’s Church from 4pm. It would seem that they can hardly wait .

I do hear on the grapevine that a certain Lew Grade was seen in the environs over the last few days. Not surprised in the slightest.

Anyway, must go, seems there is a queue of people at the door demanding my presence. Stardom is so tiring……

In harmony


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