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Happy Birthday Ced!

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

There were a few apologies tonight but still a good gathering. Proud Mary became a bit distressed, bless her, after a bit of tlc she felt better and we sang it lastly. Let's see whet happens when we move as well. Some brave souls even discarded the music. Praise from SWMBO Fly Me To The Moon, All went well until we seemed to disperse to Jupiter and Mars. Still a great recovery and tuneful Mack The Knife. Went well at times. A bit more work and we'll nail it This Is Me. Is it really. After much merriment at the Basses pretending to be scousers and shouting Ey at inappropriate times we were great on Sunday honest, a brave attempt. A bit more practice and work on the timing and we'll be there Seal Lullaby, ooh was great, now for the rest of the song Bridge over Troubled Water, we entered the mill race and all went well until the music stopped as it should and we went under. No worries as per H&S rules life vests were worn and all were saved. Fields Of Gold, A golden ending I must say the rendition of Happy Birthday was tuneful and gratefully received by yours truly A good number of us repaired to the bar and a convivial evening was enjoyed by all who stayed. All in all a wonderful night In harmony Ced

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