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La Maison SRA

After doing our best ‘puppet on a string’ impressions during the warm up we proceeded to tuck into a veritable feast of which even Monsieur Creosote would have been proud.

The hors d’oeuvres consisted of mince pies, popping fairy lights and mini Christmas puddings with custard on top (or was it chocolate ice cream with cherries, Fiona?).

After that God Blessed us for good

company and good cheer, although this did seem to cause some confusion in the ranks of the sopranos. Maybe they were anxious to crack on to the next course which turned out to be a dreamy serving of Fields of Gold, with unctuous harmonies, smooth dressings and hints of spiciness. This was undoubtedly a big hit with everyone, although the last couple of mouthfuls were a little hard to swallow.

So on to the main course, Angel’s Carol - a real steak and kidney pudding of a dish if ever there was one. However, the Head Chef did pronounce that she felt it was a ‘good effort’ and it is indeed improving. In fact, it was so good, the altos and tenors kept coming back for more and finally managed to clear their plates. Well done, one and all- a fine effort.

I must at this point introduce the evening’s Sous Chef, Mike, who provided a non stop parade of fine accompaniments, although we were warned about his dubious taste in grandad jokes .

At this juncture, La Maison offered an array of amuse-bouche in the form of singalong Christmas carols when we were invited to choose from the a la carte menu. I must admit that my donkey was cooked to perfection although slightly on the little side and the Frosty Snowman somewhat overcooked, ending up as a bit of a puddle on my plate . However, this was made up for by the splendid Reindeer- delightful .

We then had to sing our ‘thanks’ once more, which we did in passable fashion before bringing the repast to an end, but not before chef sneaked in a couple of little extras which apparently are so good that they come from all over the hills to savour.

Dessert was an epic Knickerbocker glory of a creation; a stunning anthem to the talents of this wonderful Michelin starred establishment. It was devoured with glee and passion by everyone, and left all of our tastebuds tingling.

All that remained was to wash it all down with a delicious digestif served by the excellent sommelier, Ced, who did a magnificent job in supplying us all with our required liquid refreshment.

One final note, Paul, our esteemed money man and Fiona from the altos, won’t be able to attend for the next few weeks as it is panto season(oh no it isn’t). If anyone wants to go along, the link for tickets is Would be great if we could support them.

Now, just room I think for ‘one more waffer thin mint……..’

In harmony


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