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If you want to know what choir members think about Yorkshire Wolds Community Choir & its Musical Director Fiona Bone, then this is the page for you! 
Jen Martin 
I love being in our Choir, singing together is so enjoyable but more than that it is therapeutic and extremely good for one and all.It is well known to be cathartic, relieves tension and mental stress and is physically satisfying.
Three more words that make our  Choir so special:
Fellowship, Friendship and Fun no it’s four  words, Fiona !
Chris Davidson
I was looking to meet people and make connections with the local community after moving to the village. I had never been in a choir before and I don't read music - no problem at all said Fiona. Members were so welcoming and learning the songs is so much fun. Fabulous!
Cedric Illidge
I joined the choir following the first 24 hour singathon, I was invited on stage for the finale and immediately felt the support and camaraderie in the choir. I have found the support and advice from all members of the choir has improved my diction, singing voice and raised my self confidence and mental wellbeing. Thank you choir you are a godsend
Ian Leach  
Fiona is a fantastic choir leader. No matter how bad your day has been, when you turn up to practice your heart is lifted and your day gets better  - thank you Fiona
Jill Vint 

Not having sung in a choir for 60 years, I was nervous about joining YWCC 18 months ago. I shouldn’t have worried.

Singing makes you feel good, and singing in this choir is fun and inclusive. Everyone looks forward to Monday evenings and it has definitely enriched my life.

Mary Palmer

When I joined the choir 18 months ago, I was a little worried about my voice on account of my age (I am getting on a bit), but I need not have worried. I was made so welcome and eased into the routine of the choir by our musical director Fiona, who leads our choir  with such enthusiasm and positive attitude towards our ability to sing, that you can’t help feeling you can actually sing!

Her patience in teaching us, always with a smile, has made the experience of being in the choir inspirational and fun.

There is real magic in making a song sound great and being part of the process. I have come to love my Monday nights and joining the choir is one of the best things I ever did. And as Shakespeare said: “ if music be the food of love, play on…” Thank you Fiona for feeding us. 

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