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Baby Steps!

Like a toddler striving to take the first few steps, the post lockdown choir is taking baby steps as it attempts to settle into a new venue and encourage old and new members to venture out in these challenging times. On occasions, the road is rocky and difficult and we have no doubt hit a few bumps along the way. Sometimes, it doesn’t quite go right. C’est la vie. However, like the intrepid youngster, nothing is going to deter us, and we have brilliant moments when we are fairly rocketing along and chasing the next big adventure. Soaring harmonies and full bloodied commitment coming together in glorious technicolour, leaving us feeling elated and quietly chuffed with our little selves I guess the lesson to be learned from this is that very often, things don’t quite go to plan. It would be easy to give up and just go down the pub, but it’s surprising what a little bit of effort and concentration can do and how much more fulfilling it is when you finally get it right. We continue to welcome new members to our group - a huge hello to Brian, Chris, Tim and Jenny (hope I haven’t missed anyone!). We hope you enjoy your time singing with us and gain the benefits that so many of us are already experiencing. Yorkshire Wolds Community Choir is there for anyone from all walks of life to come along and join us with our ethos of having fun singing whilst raising money for local good causes and to help support our local communities. We had the pleasure of donating £500 to Beverley Men In Sheds at a recent coffee morning. We don’t hold auditions and literally anyone over the age of 18 is very welcome. We rehearse on a Monday evening at the SRA in Hutton Cranswick from 7.30 -9pm and charge a weekly subscription of £2. You don’t have to be able to read music and no prior experience is required. If you don’t live in the village and have transport issues, please message Fiona on 07984 657071 and we will try and organise a lift for you with our ‘buddy’ system. Why not come along and give it a go? We are currently rehearsing a mixture of Christmas Carols, in preparation for upcoming events, and some old favourites to get us back into the swing of things following our long, enforced lockdown absence. We hope to see you soon. In harmony Haz

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