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Firstly, a big welcome to Lizzie, who plucked up the courage to join our merry band this week. We hope you enjoy the journey.

Our warm up this week proved categorically that our glorious leader is incapable of jazz handing and clapping whilst singing a simple numbered scale - but then again, neither are the rest of us so no shame there. It was indeed quite a tricky little operation, but as my fellow bass, Paul, remarked “don’t forget to bring your tap shoes next week!” I think I am going pale at the thought.

Undeterred, we ploughed on whilst waiting for waiters with water for our imaginary daughters (with choreography). In fact, at one point there were so many waiters that I thought we might be somewhere glitzy like the Savoy Hotel. But then again, I guess you ought not to have to wait for waiters with water in such an establishment. The end result was laughter all round - and it didn’t sound too bad either.

This was merely the prelude to a packed evening of singing as we raced through a number of old favourites and, according to Fiona, and who am I to argue, we learnt “ two songs in one night, note perfect, word perfect and dynamics perfect”. In the words of our American cousins, “how awesome are we???” In fact, I don’t think even a professional choir could make that claim. Perhaps everyone’s definition of “perfect” may vary slightly, and maybe “in one night” might be stretching it a little and “learn” a tad ambitious, but nevertheless, a great all round effort.

However, I think I would be tempted to go even one step further, because after the conclusion of Rhythm of Life, which we haven’t sung since before lockdown, I reckon we could claim to have pretty much nailed it. So, three songs in one night. Stupendous!

The main thing that struck me as the last chords of ROL drifted away was the spontaneous outbreak of laughing echoing around the room. Brilliant. After that we managed a quick, perfect, run through of FOG to wind down before a whole gaggle of us stayed behind for a well earned drink to soothe our overworked throats.

A fabulous evening!

Thanks, as always, to the magnificent Matthew for his delightfully dexterous digital dynamism and to Fiona for putting together such a packed programme.

In harmony


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