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Well, despite the Bank Holiday absentees, of which there were quite a few, I don’t wish to brag (again), but it was yet another full house for the bass section. Well done chaps, a sterling effort. Didn’t make much difference to the singing, mind you! Actually, the balance of the choir this week was very even, with virtually equal numbers in each section, which made for a beautifully elegant and balanced sound (occasionally).

We were greeted this week by the sweet spitting Fiona, who gleefully announced, that the late entry of the Halls Mentholyptus meant that she might be a bit of a liability to the front row. Glad I’m not in the tenors. She then proceeded to go totally off piste and describe to us a recent yoga position which involved lying flat on your back with both legs in the air? Didn’t call that yoga in my day…..She also mentioned that she felt that we were making good progress following our return from the breakdown. Sorry to hear about that, didn’t realise. Hope you are all doing well.

Anyway, ‘Viva L’Amour’ gave us a bouncy and confident start, although for some inexplicable reason, Fiona decided not to risk it in 3 parts. Not to worry, two was good. Sadly, the return of 1/1-2-1 brought us crashing down to Earth once more. I am not one to go on about flogging dead horses,but maybe there comes a time when common sense should prevail and the co-ordinately challenged amongst us ought to perhaps review their options? Just saying…..

Speaking of ‘dead horses’, ‘Beyond The Sea’ provided hours of ‘entertainment’ this week, or so it felt. Nevertheless, despite several rounds of note bashing and re-runs, progress could only be classed as minimal. Perhaps next week will be better…

Apart from that, the rest of the evening passed off pretty smoothly. A couple of little bits of fine tuning here and there, intermingled with some very fine singing just about sums it up. When we know something and are confident, we really do sound pretty good. Mind you, I think Fiona was in a bit of a rush to hit the bar as ‘ROL’ was sung at the tempo of a speeding express, which is fair enough, but when ‘FOG’ followed at the same speed, I sensed a Pinot coming on!

Another great night. Thanks to everyone and see you next week.

In harmony

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