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Crazy Little Thing.......

Methinks our masterful (mistressful?) leader was having a bit of fun with us during the warm up. Having duly stretched out and warbled a few arpeggios, we set about “Sen Wa Do Diddy Do Diddy Do” (or something like that). Not only were the words a bit of a mouthful, so to speak, we then actually had to look at her as she played her enormous imaginary accordion. Unheard of! Anyone would think she was in charge. Then to cap it all, we had to attempt to sing it in 3 parts with lots of “musical welly”. Talk about stressful.

Whereas Mr Blue Sky conjured up “I’m happy” in no time at all, WWIDWMM was met with deafening silence. However, once Suzie had sussed out that it was a bit slow, we merrily rocked through it with a much improved effort, but still a little tidying up to do.

So, on to Beyond The Sea………I know I say this every week, but this is a great song and we will get there, sooner or later. Perhaps later on the evidence of this week’s rehearsal. It was only when going through the parts that I realised that I have been singing completely the wrong song for the past 5 years! Mind you, that goes for most of the songs we sing.

Amazing Grace fared much better, except when the T’s and B’s forgot to come in at one point, but this was duly compensated for by some lovely “ooo-ing” from the S’s and A’s. Undeterred though, the middle section were rewarded with a (muted) round of applause for some lovely harmonies later on, so honour was restored.

Despite thinking the version she had listened to was “just a lot of noise” and “absolutely awful”, by the time we had learnt the first few pages, Kate (tenors) announced that she actually “quite likes it now”. We are talking of course, about our rendition of the latest song to be given the YWCC treatment, CLTCL. So, not as bad as we think, eh? And to prove the point, excellent performances of FOG and Anthem rounded off the evening in perfect style.

We got through a huge amount this week, and I for one was very grateful for a post choral slurp of the amber nectar.

Well done once again to everyone especially our ever patient, ever talented accompanist Matthew.

In harmony


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