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Crazy Little Thing Called Love.....

Now, I don’t want to crow about this, but in case you hadn’t noticed, this week’s rehearsal happened to coincide with Valentines Day and as far as I could see, only two romantics decided to treat their lovely better halves to a night out at the SRA. What happened to the rest of you? Mind you, when I enquired of Suzie in the bar afterwards that I was surprised to see her here and not partaking of a beautiful candlelit dinner with Tony, she swiftly replied “It’s ok, I had it last night”. Put it out there girl, why don’t you? No wonder she had a smile on her face all evening……

Anyway, after waiting for water for somebody’s daughter, we cracked on with a passable rendition of TYFTM, only to be informed that next week, we will be introducing ‘swaying’. Oh no! It’s begun, the dreaded choreography. Before you know it, we will be flick flacking and cartwheeling our way through Sing Sing Sing with hardly a second thought. Maybe.

Next up was Amazing Grace, which necessitated a grammatical alteration by our esteemed leader (can’t get the teacher out of her), so please remember to replace the word ‘less’ with ‘fewer’ in your copies. It occurs twice. Singing wise, it wasn’t too shabby, apart from being a little rough around the edges at the very end, but not bad.

Our perennial nemesis, BTS was next to receive the YWCC treatment and boy, didn’t we give it a good going over? The words ‘stormy seas’ and ‘shipwreck’ spring readily to mind, but we did inch a little further through it and land is in sight. Thankfully! Keep practising at home and we will definitely get there. Eventually.

The very catchy CLTCL followed and here, the Sopranos in particular needed reprehending for part stealing. It’s not often the Tenors and Basses have a little light relief by singing the melody, but when we do, our party is well and truly crashed by the screechers! Calm down ladies and give us some space. Mind you, once we did start singing on our own, I think we rather wished we were hiding at the back as usual. Whereas BTS may have been a shipwreck, this was a bit of a car crash. Or perhaps ‘motorbike crash’ would be more appropriate. But, in fairness, it did improve after a couple of runs through and I am confident it will be mastered in no time at all.

As ever, FOG, Anthem and MBS restored pride and showed us that we can actually get it together when we try. Nice one.

A healthy attendance in the bar ended another very enjoyable evening.

Many thanks to Fiona and Matthew for all of their hard work.

In harmony


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