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Demented Clockwork Marionette .......really!!!

I think the SRA had better get their act together and start the new build, otherwise we will have to stand outside to sing! A very big hello to Eileen, Lynn, Christine and Ronnie (yes, we have a new MAN!) who took their lives in their hands and joined us for the first time last night. You are most welcome.

Now rumour has it that Christine and Ronnie moved all the way down from Ayrshire in Bonny Scotland because they had heard of how good the YWCC was, and what is the first thing that Fiona does? Makes them sing ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’, the unofficial anthem of the English rugby union team, about a dozen times and then film it, presumably to post on FB to completely shame them!!! Nice one, Fiona, don’t suppose we’ll be seeing them again……

We also managed to prove our ineptitude to the newbies by, once again, starting but failing to finish 1,1-2-1. From the back row, I have to say that Fiona (and the rest of you I might add) looks like some sort of demented clockwork marionette whose actions become more and more jerky before gradually slowing down and grinding to a halt some distance from the finishing line. I swear you can actually see the cogs turning! Never mind, I am sure we will manage to get through to the end one day……but maybe not one day soon.

So on to the main event, which began with an impromptu solo from yours truly in ‘Mr Blue Sky’. Now, either I got it wrong or 40+ others in the room got it wrong. Go figure.

‘WWIDWMM’ was going swimmingly until the last few bars when mental blocks seem to descend upon us all and it petered out into nothingness. I wonder if some strange force is controlling us all by remote control and flicks the off switch every now and then just for a laugh. How else can you explain it?

‘The Prayer’ moves inexorably forward, despite the “vacant sea of sopranos” ( not my words). Don’t forget to leave out the ‘e’ in Bar 42, by the way. In actual fact, our musical maestro seemed to think that it was “nearly perfect “. Some people are easily pleased. Although, I must say that in parts it does sound rather nice, but not all the way through, yet.

‘I’m Still Standing’ and ‘Perfect’ rounded off the evening before we attempted and actually made a very good fist of ‘Fields of Gold’ without music whilst we cleared away. You see, sometimes we do get it right and doesn’t it sound good?

A very healthy turn out in the bar afterwards should help boost the coffers of the SRA, although it did seem to me that there was far too much jollity going on. We’re not here to enjoy ourselves, you know!

In harmony


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