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Don't Forget To Brush & Floss......

Well what a crowded house it was this week! The car park was packed, thanks to the Cubs and Scouts with their bike ride to Rotsea; there were quite a few other activities going on around the playing fields and we rocked up in copious quantity. We were also a very garrulous gathering, with quite a hubbub going on before the evening’s ‘entertainment’ began. Could hardly hear myself think!

Eventually, calm was brought upon us and we began. This week, instead of eating our fish’n’chips and chocolate ice cream, we brushed and flossed our teeth – about time too, what with all that sugar and stuff lurking in our cavities all this time. At one point, we were instructed to ‘sing through twice, once’, which I think sort of makes sense, whilst also not making sense, if you see what I mean? Anyway, once we had got the hang of only singing part phrases (even single words at one point) and holding our notes, there were some really sweet harmonies going on. I think we surprised ourselves! Mind you, one or two of us were on the verge of passing out as Fiona forgot which section was singing what and in what order.

As at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, we set forth with ‘Amazing Grace’, which is sounding better and better every week, this time complete with a full on John Rutter-esque finishing flourish from our glorious leader. Well, she enjoyed it anyway.

‘BTS’ didn’t fare quite as well and necessitated one little re-run, but wasn’t too bad.

This led us into Fiona informing everyone of our stunning success at this month’s SRA quiz. On the downside, we now have to set the questions for the next time, but on the upside, we came away with a barrow load of hooch, so not all bad then. You are all cordially invited to participate next month, with a vague promise of something musical in the questions and I reckon a sneaky peek at the answer sheet in exchange for a cheeky little Pinot…..

Much of the rest of the evening was devoted to learning and polishing BOTW. Polish is perhaps a bit strong – getting to the end might be slightly more accurate. The top G for the sopranos was proving a little tricky, and no wonder, it’s a wee beastie. However, it’s all ok because, apparently, “you will be fine when you stand up”, according to someone who seemingly knows a lot about choirs. Alternatively, ladies, you could always join the basses. I did detect at one point that the ladies were getting a little excited at some of the harmonies produced by the middle section. Either that or the firemen had just reappeared in the car park?

‘Ashokan Farewell’ crept forward serenely and ‘Perfect’ completed another evening in which we worked really hard, but did leave me thinking “Wot, no ‘Over the Rainbow, again?”

Still, my disappointment was quickly soothed by a cooling Carling, served by the inimitable Ced. Thanks to Matthew once again and see you all next week.

In harmony


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