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Fab-u-lous & 40 - WOW!

Another full house again this week, with us hitting the 40 mark for the first time, making for a real buzz in the room. Fab-u-lous! Sadly, nobody knew who anyone else was as we had inadvertently left the badge box at home. Still, undeterred, our super badge queen, Suzie, delivered yet more for the newer members. We promise to bring the box next week and then you can all take charge of your own.

After some rolling ‘r’s’ and horsing around, we warmed up with a little food medley to get the juices flowing (thankfully, I had my tea before rehearsal, otherwise it might have set the tummy rumbling). After duly delivering Fields of Gold to an acceptable (though not quite yet ‘performance’) standard, we were rewarded with the ‘exciting news’ that Fiona has booked a semi-professional singer to headline our anniversary concert on October 15th. And, even better news, she is performing free gratis and for nowt. Happy days!

Anthem was dispatched confidently in quick time before we moved on to learning Amazing Grace, Mr Blue Sky and Beyond the Sea. The plethora of ba ba’s at the end of MBS made it feel as if a flock of sheep had entered the room, especially as there seemed to be rather more than 3 parts being sung, but I am sure we will get there eventually. Mind you, that was nothing compared to the somewhat surprising and completely unanticipated arrival half way through BTS of Rudolph and his jingling bells! Must have been having a well earned holiday in the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds….

Confusion reigned with the announcement that next up was WWIDWMM, but her worshipfulness revealed that she was only seeing if we were awake and, in fact it should have been TYFTM, which sounded rather good, before the evening was completed with our almost now customary SSS, sung at a gallop as Matthew was clearly in need of liquid refreshment.

Thanks to one and all and especially Matthew for his digital dexterity and Ced for running the bar.

See you next week

In harmony


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