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For One Night Only!

Having ‘Viva L’amoured’ ourselves several times over, with, I might add, a considerable amount of success, particularly in the ‘looking at Fiona’ department, we sallied forth this week with a barnstorming attack on ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’. In fact, it was all going swimmingly until somewhat inexplicably, Les Dawson appeared to have usurped our marvellous Matthew for a brief moment. No matter, order was soon restored and we continued to make Freddie spin frantically in his grave once more. In fairness, I think we made a decent job of it, so well done one and all.

Next up for the YWCC treatment was the,(IMHO), brilliant ‘Anthem’. That is perhaps a view not necessarily shared by all members of the choir, or indeed by even all of the basses, but I feel it is growing on us all as we gain in confidence. In fact, at the end, when Fiona uttered ‘perfect’, smiles shone brightly on some of the faces of the altos. Unfortunately, what Fiona had actually said was ‘Perfect’, i.e. an introduction to move on to our next offering rather than a comment on the performance of the previous one. Never mind, one day…….

Actually, although the latter wasn’t quite as good as the title suggests, it was still pretty decent, and a huge improvement on last week’s effort. Another fully deserved ‘well done’ to everyone.

‘The Prayer’ started off so well……..

Sadly, once we reached the toffee chewing machinations of the Italian section, things started to go awry. Add in the slight change of tune in the middle and it was a recipe for disaster! I, for one, completely forgot the tune, the words and probably, by this point, my own name. I have no idea why we struggled so much, but struggle we did. But, in fairness, once we stopped, took a deep breath and worked our way through the parts, it did improve significantly (mind you, it needed to!). I think a little bit of homework and a good deal more concentration are required for next week. But, we didn’t give up and we did improve so ‘well done’ again to everyone.

‘I’m Still Standing’ came next and despite a couple of minor hiccups, seemed to go pretty well. Is it me though or does it seem to go on a bit? Maybe a pair of scissors on the last few pages? Although I wouldn’t want to deprive the altos of their starring role.

At this point, our glorious leader suggested that we might skip ‘BOTW’ for this week, but swayed by the groans of disappointment from many parts of the room, she relented and we had a quick look at the opening section. This is actually, probably one of the trickiest parts of the song as it is completely different to most versions. However, as it is repeated several times during the piece, once we have cracked it, we have a significant part under our belts. We just have to crack it first…

Time then got the better of us so we had a quick go at ‘Mr Blue Sky’ whilst tidying up and rushing to the bar for our well deserved refreshment. A big ‘well done’ to everyone for this week’s efforts and look forward to seeing you all next week.

In harmony


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