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From The Top!

Having assembled at 7:30pm with lots of new victims, err sorry new choir members, we started with one of our relaxing warm ups followed by a warm up song - which probably made us all hungry!

First Course

1 bottle of pop

Main Course

Fish, Chips & Vinegar


Chocolate Ice Cream

I found myself asking if this was a choir rehearsal or a cafe?!!!!

Then, we ran through Fields Of Gold - well actually, we wafted through it, dissecting and correcting as we went along.

A question was asked. 'Can we Altos, sing with the Sopranos?' SWMBO responded with 'Why not, the basses have had their excitement from bar 25'

Then it came to pass and we all moved on to our Christmas selection. First Angels Carol - this appeared to be a bit of an Fffffing problem for the basses who apparently thought it a bit too high! They were told to 'stop moaning' so that sorted out that problem!

Not to be out done, the sopranos and altos were asked to be careful with the work 'hear' which sounded a lot like heYar!

The altos needed to get their bright light shinning but were receiving conflicting instructions from SWMBO and our musical maestro, Matthew. Who was correct? Was Fiona in the wrong...again!!!!

The screechers, whoops sorry, the sopranos were finding the notes very high - what was John Rutter thinking of, writing a soprano part within the range of sopranos? (Hee hee!!!) But they did receive a 'very good' from our esteemed leader - praise indeed!!

We were then told that whilst singing in harmony is the ideal if we ended up just singing the melody that was absolutely fine (singing out of tune is not really too desirable!!)

Next was the turn of The Bells Ring Out - well they do sometimes but at other times the bells need to be silenced. A bit more 'umph' is required. Think Elvis Presley and that will help with the performance. oh, and the 'mas' of Christmas needs to come off quicker, no more Chritsmassssssssssssesss.

All Over The Hills received a 'very good' from our illustrious leader.

Last one for the night was Thank You For The Music another 'Very Good' from SWMBO and to reference another group, we will all 'Take That!'

Another great rehearsal followed by an enjoyable chat in the bar afterwards.

See you all next Monday, take care and stay safe.

In Harmony

Ian Leech


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