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Lower & more ways than one!

Despite the beginning of the school hols and a welcome drop of rain for the garden, there was a particularly good and garrulous congregation this week, which might be entitled ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ as the sopranos in particular where present in veritable force. After spending an amusing 5 minutes watching Fiona attempting to erect a folding table to act as a rather Heath Robinson construct for her ailing music stand, we launched into 1:1-2-1 and guess what? We actually made it through. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a good deal better than any previous efforts. Next time, perhaps we could manage it at a slightly faster pace than a snail going uphill whilst wearing diving boots. But, praise where praise is due. It was ok. ‘Bottle of Pop’, by contrast, was particularly good and we rollocked along in joyful harmony, until given the instruction to ‘quit whilst ahead’. Now, I did promise to retell the conversation I had with Stephanie (sopranos) regarding the slug crawling across my top lip. “Haz”, says she, “you remind me of a film star”. “Really?” says I, “which one? Robert Redford? Burt Reynolds? “ No” says she, “I was thinking more like John Holmes or Ron Jeremy”. Now, once you have all googled these two film stars, you might like to ask Steph which is her favourite film of theirs*. We opened proceedings with ‘Ash F’, which was ok, but with a potential slot at the Music at May Lodge event, we still need to work on it. Now, I have been ordered to mention that during ‘OTR’, the altos received the high honour of being ‘amazing’ and must rank as this week’s teacher’s pets. But fair do’s, they were indeed excellent. Well done, ladies. In fact, after three runs through, we were all sounding pretty impressive, with some lovely dynamics and my money is on it being included in the next public performance. We also had the (very) unusual claim from Fiona that she was ‘not dictating’, although I was so shocked by this particular statement that I have completely forgotten what it related to! Anyway, on to ‘Sweet C’, which was, shall we say ‘interesting’. Timing still proves to be a problem for us, but after a number of attempts, the light was beginning to emerge at the end of the tunnel. Let’s just hope it’s not the oncoming train. ‘HandH’ could only be said to be reaching new lows, but it is still early days, so let’s not get disheartened. It will be fantastic and great fun once we have it cracked. We rounded off the evening with ‘WWIDWMM’, once Matthew had rifled through the contents of his bag several times in an attempt to find the music. Come on lad, get organised! A fine end to a great evening. In harmony Haz *PS - Mine is the one about the British band touring the Sates – ‘Rock Hard in Vegas.

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