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Mingle Monday

Someone spied the sausage rolls! ( thanks Chris!)

A moment not to waste!

Our rehearsal then proceeded

With the most amazing haste!

In silence....arms up, legs out

It seems we had no choice,

As our poor illustrious leader

Had sadly lost her voice!

So CRAZY then ensued.

At a nice little trot.

What Would I Do Without My Music?

I figure.....not a lot!

We cantered through Proud Mary

Though the end got in a taffle,

Haz helped us with our tooting

Oh! The excitement of the raffle! (Not)

Galloping ferociously through

You've Got A Friend.

Just a bit to titivate

And we finally reached the end!

We tried Flying to The Moon

But the rests were hits and misses,

Not helped by soppy Alto's

Wanting extra kisses!

Anthem was then massacred!

The notes ridiculously high,

Rehearsal then concluded

With a very welcome sigh!

So now t'was time to Mingle,

And chance to chomp a Pringle.

Slurp a welcome wine or beer,

And fill each other with good cheer!

Nibble and get fat...

An opportunity to chat!

And as I'm out of time.....

I'll end this dreadful rhyme! Ha ha!

Seriously though! Great that so many members stayed for our first Mingle Monday! Hope you all enjoyed it!

Fiona would like us to print off Seal Lullaby ( this one is beautiful but challenging...quite a bit of oinking to learn!) Also please print off This is me. Also maybe have a listen and familiarize yourself with your parts.

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