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My Round Again!

Another excellent turnout, including yet more new faces greeted us at rehearsal this week, including two of our founder members, Jan and Dave who made the long trek from Dingwall to join us for the evening. In fact, we were so full that we had to get extra chairs out. Who would have thunk it? So thank you to everyone, especially Jan and Dave for making the effort to be with us and welcome to Anna, Jennifer, Julia and Chris. We also had an influx of Tenor women this week which was great to see and will keep that section well padded out, so to speak.

In keeping with the theme of founder members, one of the warm ups was, apparently, the first ever warm up we tried all those years ago- ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’. Two things - first of all, I don’t remember it at all (although it was 11 years ago, so maybe I can be forgiven that one) and secondly, thank goodness we haven’t done it since! I think it’s going to take me that long to recover! I don’t think anyone had a clue what was going on, including, nay, especially Fiona, but it did create more than a few laughs. Even better, Gospel Medley elicited an “almost good” from she of the magic wand, which for those new to the choir, is high praise indeed.

However, I have to say that I thought our first serious contribution of the evening, Thank You For The Music sounded really quite impressive, especially when you consider how many new faces we have seen in the past two weeks. Mr Blue Sky and Beyond the Sea are moving forward well, and I think it’s right that we take it steadily.

FOG was ok first time around, but once Fiona had gone through the dynamics and advised us of the benefits of blending our voices, the second attempt was markedly better and, dare I say it, probably slightly better than “almost good”.

As ever, SSS was belted out with great gusto and enthusiasm to finish off the evening and leave us all on a high.

Sadly, I do at this point have a complaint to make. Due to the lack of copies available of Amazing Grace, we finished almost 20 minutes early. Now, although I would be the first to appreciate the extra drinking time, I had paid a whole £2 for the evening and should therefore, by my calculations, be owed a refund of 44p. However, as ‘er indoors paid for the post choral refreshments (again!), perhaps I should let sleeping dogs lie…

Looking forward to seeing you all next week.

In harmony


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