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What a fun packed evening of jollity and japery we had on Monday. It all began with our best COVID spreading Red Rum impression complete with added r’s rolling. Felt a bit like patting my head and rubbing my tummy to me (or is it rubbing my head and patting my tummy?). Whichever, I still couldn’t get it right, but I’m thinking I wasn’t alone on that one. We were then promised several weeks of ‘bottles of pop, fish’n’chips and chocolate ice cream’, although, tantalisingly, it will be given Fiona’s Christmassy tweak. Intriguing. Will it be ‘turkeys and figgie pudding’ or ‘chestnuts and reindeer’ (not for eating, you understand). We thanked the music and the blue sky in quick order before proving that the 13 minute record learning of ‘For the Beauty’ last week was easily outdone by the one minute it proved to unlearn it this week! However, a 6 minute re-learn showed that we are most definitely improving. The bells then chimed sweetly before we made some great strides with ‘You’ve Got a Friend’, which I am sure, will become a very firm favourite of the choir. Now, at this point, I would like to accept the most grateful thanks of the sopranos (of which I am now an honorary member), and the brickbats of the rest of the choir, for my inspired choice of ‘Away in a Manger’ for one of our Christmas specials. (Did Fiona mention that it was my choice?????). It will be absolutely fine. If all else fails, just do like me and sit with the Sopranos. ‘WWIDWMM’ was good, ‘I’m Still Standing’, not so much. Not wanting to finish on a low, we tidied up to the echoes of ‘Sing x 3’ before our customary warm down in the bar. Nice to have Matthew back, by the way…. In harmony Haz

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