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Please Sing To Rudolph Tune

Fee- ona, our lovely choir boss

Had a cough and runny nose!

She made us all count backwards....

Wriggling our hands and toes.

Then, despite lack of tenors,

The Angel voices did quite well.

So ...onto the ringing out song....

Chiming nearly every bell!

Next we tried a tricky tune,

An Infant, Holy, song.......

Lots of bum notes then ensued...

It came out very wrong!

So, after we grooved to Rocking,

Jiggling up and down those hills.

So jolly and bright and lovely,

The soprano's adding tuneful trills!

Next we had a Sing Sing Sing,

Something that we knew....

A jolly song to end the night,

And chase those Winter blues.

Then everybody scarpered,

In fear of nasty snow and ice.

It ended a cheerful evening.....

That ended being very nice!!!


Susie Snowden ( daft person!)

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