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Polygrip! Really?!

It was a case of ‘more chairs required’ this week as our two new altos, Kate and Julie, helped swell our numbers yet again. We might need a bigger venue before long! Welcome to the madhouse, ladies, hope you have some fun.

Now I am very saddened to begin this week’s write up with the news that a great calumny was perpetrated on Monday evening. No, I am not referring to our weekly butchering of ‘Beyond the Sea’, but to the very slanderous comment made by our glorious leader that libellous scribblings have been emanating from this very pen (keyboard). I refer to my comments about our inability to combine singing with choreography and thinking and so, to prove her point, she led us in a rendition of 1, 1-2-1. Need I say other than ‘case proven, m’lud?’ Indeed, as if to ram home the point, poor old Alfred fared little better, so Heaven knows what will happen when we introduce choreography with that one. The mind boggles!

‘ROL’ and ‘BTS’ were dispatched in double quick time and despite three false starts with ‘CLTCL’, we eventually got under way and produced a passable attempt, Fiona attributing the stuttering opening to the fact that the men were exposed at the beginning. Really?

‘The Prayer’ is coming along nicely, with apparently, some good ‘frenetics’, despite the language barrier. Mind you, the T’s and B’s did have a bit of a struggle with bar 26 ‘a ricordarci che’, but worry ye not, it will be alright on the night - maybe.

We then have the most unusual situation in ‘I’m Still Standing’ when the sopranos don’t have the tune - how on earth will they cope? Quite well actually, as did the altos, despite the facetious comments from the back row, as they stepped into their starring role with more than a little aplomb.

‘Perfect’, a very rousing ‘Anthem’ and ‘TYFTM’ completed yet another packed evening before many of us stayed behind to enjoy a well earned drink and to purchase some of Susie’s beautiful cards in aid of her Ukraine appeal.

Mind you, Kate and I did agree that with ‘ROL’, ‘CLTCL’ and ‘ISS’ on the programme, we might need some extra Polygrip next week!

In harmony


PS -Very many thanks to generous friends who supported the card sale. Particular thanks to members of Yorkshire Wolds Community Choir, who donated the subs, from tonight's rehearsal and cleaned out my card stock!! You raised an incredible £375!! This has been donated to the Ukraine Disaster Appeal. Very many thanks to all for your generosity.Hugs lots Susie Snowden--

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