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Post Jubilee Glow!

I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but there did seem to be a lot of suntans on view on Monday and with Susie due to return from Majorca in the next week or so, there will be even more. Making me feel quite pasty. Ian E hasn’t even been abroad and he was positively glowing. I definitely need to get out more.

Anyhow, anyone looking through the windows at rehearsal must have wondered what an earth was going on as a whole bunch of us would have been seen to be sticking three fingers down our throats as if trying to purge ourselves of some imaginary dodgy curry from the night before. John Rutter has a lot to answer for! By the way, we were reminded by Her Worshipfulness that we ought not to try singing with said digits in the gullet – it kind of spoils the sound a bit.

Having learnt how to produce beautiful vowel sounds, we proceeded to serenade Mr Miller. Sadly, the sopranos proved to be this weeks remedials with a somewhat tame effort which sort of tailed off into oblivion – a bit like our normal attempts at ‘Beyond the Sea’. Never mind, ladies, I am sure you will be top of the class next week, maybe. Apart from learning how to stretch our jaws into seemingly impossible positions, we also finally found the answer to’What Would I Do Without My Music?’ – borrow from Haz! Perhaps Fiona might be more organised next week.

‘I’m Still Standing’ was next in line for the treatment and although it sounded ok, it does lack a bit of sparkle, maybe because it does go on a bit. Fiona suggested we might cut a little bit at the end. Suggestions from the floor ranged from a generous 4 pages to a rather ungenerous 16!

We then moved into the ‘learn’ section and, I thought, worked pretty hard. ‘BOTW’ seems to be suffering a little from, ‘we didn’t sing it like this before’ syndrome, so a little re-education was required, but it’s coming on nicely. Similarly with ‘Ashokan Farewell’, which I reckon will develop into a firm favourite, along with a returning favourite ‘Over the Rainbow’, which again we had a tantalisingly brief glimpse of before time got the better of us. This left just enough of the rehearsal to rattle off yet another favourite, ‘Amazing Grace’. Fiona rightly pointed out that this sounded absolutely brilliant at the Jubilee Day and was a cracking way to introduce ourselves to the local populace, one of whom apparently thought ‘ there not bad are they?’ Little does she know… In harmony Haz

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