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Practically Perfect In Every Way!

On yet another scorcher of an evening, the doors and windows were flung wide open to try and encourage a little cooling of all the hot air that was undoubtedly present. Surprised our neighbour didn’t complain about the awful racket that ‘keeps doing her head in’…..(speak to Fiona next week for further details). In actual fact, the rehearsal got off to a flying start with Mr Miller eliciting a round of applause for his performance. Indeed, it wasn’t the only applause to be heard during proceedings. ‘BOTW’ was apparently ‘practically perfect in every way’ according to our great leader, but I did have a sneaking suspicion that Pinocchio was still lurking around in the room somewhere. That was reinforced when we were instructed to sing ‘FOG’, which was not on the agenda at all, instead of ‘The Prayer’, which should have been before ‘BOTW’. No confusion there then! After that, the leadership got it’s act together and the ship steadied somewhat, although not before Fiona had apologised for the middle section being exposed during our first three numbers. Must have had something to do with the hot weather? ‘Ashokan F’ was a little ropey, but we did manage to get through to the end in a fashion. By and large, it is sounding ok, but is let down by a couple of small sections (namely, the tenors and the basses!). Just joshin’, honest (it was actually the sopranos and altos!). And so on to our next round of applause. The ladies rose as one in incredulous admiration of the scintillating harmonies produced by the middle section during the learning of ‘OTR’. In fact, I am sure I saw more than one reaching for their autograph books. Form a queue, girls, form a queue. But wait, maybe we should all be congratulating each other, because the first full run through sounded pretty damn good. Well done, choir. ‘Sweet C’ was just as enjoyable as last week, but did get a little hung up on the ‘oohs’ and the timing, but we are almost there. It was still a foot tapping favourite. ‘Sing x 3’ would have ended the proceedings, had the musical maestro had her way, but the revolting back row ensured that we actually finished with ‘CLTCL’, and although this drew groans and cheers in equal measure, seemed to go down well with everyone by the time we had slaughtered it. A refreshing little drinky poo completed the proceedings before we all dashed home to log on to the web site to rehearse in readiness for next week. Apparently. In harmony Haz

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