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The Last To Leave Again.....

We were all greeted with a new, intriguing layout this week, plus a new song to boot. Sadly, for you lot, you are not being treated to the new reviewer from last week, just the usual tosh from the back row bass. Well done to Susie for a fabulous write up last week. I have even been challenged to produce my own rhyme this week, but although I try with all my might, it’s not a thing that comes out right. Even when I rack my brain, and think and think and think again, the words don’t seem to fall in line and never ever seem to rhyme. So I don’t think that I’ll try to outdo the scribblings of our super Soo. Instead, I’ll stick to boring prose, and so, that said, ‘here goes’. First, we must mention the soprano ‘masterclass’ which took place on Sunday at May Lodge. It was a healthy turn out and gave the ladies a head start on our new offering ‘This is Me’. In fact, although at Monday’s rehearsal we only had a very brief 30 second tilt at it, it felt as if we got about half way through! So well done to the sopranos for leading the way. Otherwise, we managed well and truly finish off our only ‘Friend’, and, after offering up a prayer, made Mary proud by flying to the moon and back via the rainbow and were, by the end, still standing! Not a bad effort. SWMBO did announce that messages were now being sent out via a choir WhatsApp group, which was all the better because no one can reply to it. Seems like children should indeed be seen but not heard. In harmony Haz

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