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Tremendous Tenors

Despite a number of apologies, it was still a healthy and garrulous congregation this week. So much so, that on more than one occasion, we were instructed to “stop having so much fun”. Didn’t realise we were… Anyway, we began with a most interesting and oddly different warm up. Lots of ‘hari’s’ and ‘yari’s’, much pointing and confusion, but we somehow managed to muddle our way through whilst sounding oddly in tune. Always a first time, I suppose. ‘Proud Mary’ was really good, until the last few bars, when the anticipated big finish just sort of dribbled away into a bit of a mess. Still, won’t take much to put that right. After that, it was really an evening of no great surprises. Good progress on ‘YGAF’ and ‘FMTTM’ and even ‘This is Me’ moved forward, although it was a little disconcerting when ‘Fingers’ enquired as to where the ‘E’ was above middle ‘C’. Crikey! If he doesn’t know, what chance the rest of us??? Big ‘Mack’ sounded ok, ‘Perfect’ got our leader all goosebumpy and ‘Grace’ was truly Amazing this week.

Last weekend was the tenor day, which was a lovely social afternoon/evening, so the basses have a lot to live up to this Sunday, 2-4 at our gaffe. Beer and nibbles provided. Just bring your best voice.

And please, all remember that you are not at choir to have fun. OK?
In harmony Haz
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