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We Sounded........OK!

Despite a number of apologies this week for various reason, we still managed a goodly turn out of very high quality and accomplished performers . Needless to say, with our forthcoming triumphant appearance at St Catherine’s Church, Leconfield on Sunday to come, we ran through our programme in its entirety. Now I think it might be fair to say that there may have been the odd doubting Thomas in the room prior to rehearsal, especially as most of the absentees appeared to come from the same section (perhaps it was the altos Christmas Party or something - don’t tell Boris! ). However, by the time we had run through a number or two, it became apparent that, hold on a minute, we still sound ok! Gasps of astonishment all round .

Fortified by this new found confidence, we ploughed on with renewed energy. Sadly, it all came crashing down during ‘Bells Ring Out’, when everyone, apart from me, got the words mixed up! You really can’t afford to make the same mistake again on Sunday folks, so you had probably best ignore Fiona and Matthew and look at me instead. What do they know anyway?…….

Fortunately, you seemed to redeem yourselves with ‘Infant Holy’, although I have to confess that I may have made just one tiny little error, unlikely as it may seem. Anyway, as they say, I am sure it will be alright on the night, or in this case, afternoon.

So, having honed our programme to absolute perfection, we ended with a bit of light relief with a run through of FOG and TYFTM, the latter of which really sounded rather good considering we haven’t sung it for a few weeks. We were also treated to a teasing little taster of ‘Beyond The Sea’ which we will be starting properly in the New Year. After Sunday, we shall be taking a well earned break for a few weeks, returning, COVID permitting, on Monday, January 10th 2022. We have already been promised a number of new and returning members to bolster our numbers, so plenty to look forward to.

In Christmas harmony


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