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Welcome Back!

So where do we start?! Well, we are back after our Christmas break and it feels as if we are entering a new era for the choir. Although we had about a dozen apologies for this week, we also welcomed a raft of new faces so still managed a healthy 30+ members for the evening. These hardy souls braved a dark and chilly evening (made even colder by forgetting to turn on the heating - whoops!!!), and we proceeded to warble and squeak our way through a selection of songs with varying degrees of success.

Thankfully, the physical warm up involved plenty of leg and arm waving to get the blood flowing through our veins, which was much needed.

This was further supplemented by our exertions with the Grand Old Duke of York, who had us marching up and down hills and back again, both forwards and in reverse, which proved quite a challenge for a number of the company!

As we had such a large number of new faces, we had an extended warm up and joyfully rollocked our way through Gospel Medley, which, by the time we had learnt the words, actually sounded half decent. Must be a first .

The serious work consisted of a mixture of old and new, with Thank You For the Music (TYFTM), MBS, BTS, FOG and SSS coming and going in swift succession. With so many new faces, it was a challenge to nail all of the harmonies (or even any of them ) but that doesn’t matter. The important thing is to have a go and enjoy the experience. I promise you, it will get easier. Honest!!

We did learn something illuminating during the evening though- apparently Kate (tenor) doesn’t have a male part, but all is ok because fellow tenor Ian L has a spare ladies part. I think they were talking about the sheet music for Mr Blue Sky, but who knows…….

As ever, Ced provided a sterling service behind the bar at the end of the evening as we partook of much needed refreshments and enjoyed a little down time.

Hope to see you all again next week. Well done the ‘newbies’ and I trust you didn’t find it too daunting.

In harmony


Songs we will be revisiting in 2022

Rhythm of Life

You've Got A Friend

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Fly Me To The Moon


Mr Blue Sky

To Make You Feel My Love

And some of the new songs that will be appearing in 2022 are:

I'm Still Standing

Sweet Caroline

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Ashokan Farewell

Amazing Grace

Somewhere Only We Know

The Prayer

Walking On Sunshine

Can't Help Falling In Love

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